Hortense Kavuo Maliro

“We are the World School is a project of AISHP. AISHP is a Non-Profit-Organisation, created in 2004 by Hortense Kavuo Maliro, in order to fight all kind of marginalization of disabled and vulnerable people. Most parents refuse to send their children to school if they are disabled. They think that they are not useful to the society. In DRC most of them end up begging in the streets. They are so vulnerable and mostly illiterate.

My own handicap has never been a problem to me or to my parents. I´m an ambitious lady. I work and I contribute to society. So, I decided to make a difference to my country by fighting against all kind of social barriers and promoting equality for the disabled. Since 2003, AISHP has already supported more than 500 children to get educated. 28 of them already graduated from University. “ – Hortense Kavuo Maliro