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AISHP is a Non-Profit-Organisation, created in 2004 by Hortense Kavuo Maliro, in order to fight all kind of marginalization of disabled and vulnerable people.



  • To fight against illiteracy by promoting education (primary, secondary and University) for disabled people and other vulnerable ones.
  • To fight against marginalization of these kind of people by promoting equality and integration of them into the society
  • To train parents on how to take care of their children (Human rights)
  • To train the disabled people about integration and inclusion into society (They have a big responsibility and play a great part in integrating themselves into the society)
  • To do lobbying and advocacy for disabled people in order to get employed
  • To sensitize the community to polio, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, sexual transmissible diseases and infections.
  • To organize socio-cultural activities, peace and conflict resolution activities, sports at national and international levels.
  • To give multiform assistance to the vulnerable people to make their integration effective.

Recent activities

Scholarship to disabled people :

  • 545 scholarships in primary and secondary schools in Goma, Rutshuru, Walikale, Masisi, Bukavu;
  • 29 scholars graduated at university level


  • 6 out of 29 graduated were employed into some Organization in Congo because of AISHP advocacy
  • 2 out of 29 graduates were employed by AISHP (Mr. Jolisco KISIMBI  at the “We Are The World School” in Accounting and Finance,  Muhindo NDIVITO as Administrative Secretary)

Other Activities done:


  • AISHP has worked in North-Kivu refugees camps in order to facilitate life for disabled refugees and to collect statistics of displaced people and refugee.
  • AISHP has done four DVD documentary films regarding peace building, good governance and rules of law, Mulemavu na Jamii (The disabled and the society), Les femmes parlent (Women speaking).
  • AISHP is a focal point as an integrating (inclusive) organization for the disabled.
  • AISHP is a member of OCHA and participate actively to their activities in collecting statistics.